PySB v1.8.0 Released

New Features

  • Model component names will now tab-complete when accessed as part of a ComponentSet (#380

General Improvements

  • Keyword arguments to __init__ are now validated by ScipyOdeSimulator (#381), StochKitSimulator (#382), and CupSodaSimulator (#383)
  • BioNetGen: Extra functions are now supported, including And, Or, Floor, Ceiling, Min, Max, Abs, and the constants pi and e (#373)
  • SBML exporter: Observables and Expressions are now set by AssignmentRules (#370 and #372)


  • Fix Simulator initials_dict when set by array (#377)
  • Fix BNGSimulator when tspan doesn't start at 0 (#379)
  • Set a default module name for components when __name__ isn't set (#374)
  • Fix StochKit export on Python 3 when lxml is installed (#375)
  • Fix serialization of components that do not have a model weakref set (#386)
  • Respect BngSimulator cleanup flag in __init__ (#385)